Annette's Piano Studio

Coral Springs, Florida


Benefits of Lessons at My Studio

Individual Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are individually developed for each student to meet their own needs.  We are not limited to a method book series.

Superior Note Reading Method

I use an easier and superior way to master note reading.  Did you take piano lessons when you were young?  Was note reading the most difficult part of your practice?  Were the bass notes more difficult than the treble notes and the really high and really low notes even more difficult?  It doesn't have to be!  I will teach your child to fully understand how to read notes!  (Not just Every Good Boy Does Fine - FACE approach.)

Positive Learning Environment

I believe in using only positive reinforcement in teaching, and I encourage each child to reach his or her potential.  Although there is work involved, playing the piano should be fun!  My piano studio is free from distractions and is a nice private area to allow the student to concentrate.

Structured Practice Instructions

I provide very structured practice instructions which will maximize the student's progress and use their practice time to the fullest of its potential.










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Benefits of Lessons at My Studio

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